While at a show this past weekend, I was asked how I come up with my designs and color schemes.  I responded that I get my inspiration just from things around me that I find beautiful.  Not, perhaps, the most enlightening answer.  But how does one explain that I find inspiration in something as simple as the tree in my neighbors’ yard in springtime without a suitable picture to back it up?

So, I thought I would periodically post images of the inspiration for my color combinations or designs alongside of the resulting work.  I begin this series with the inspiration for my Spring Sky color combination as Spring has come to Florida already and the neighbors’ tree has bright green shoots on the branches again.

Inspiration: Bright green spring leaves against a clear turquoise sky.

“Spring Sky” White Wine Chalices


Where do you find inspiration?  Let me know in the comments!


“Spring Sky” White Wine Chalices by Jennifer Lachtara, are available for purchase on the Lach Arts’ Etsy site.