“If you dislike a man, the way he holds his fork will anger you; but a friend can dump his entire plate in your lap, and you are quick to forgive.”

Someone posted this quote in the kitchen of the Clay Company a number of years ago, and it popped back into my head Monday afternoon after a particularly bad day.  (The quote is paraphrased above, seeing as it has been ages since I read the quote and I cannot find it online.)

Those of you who know me, probably know I work two jobs.  My primary job (and passion) is clay, while at the same time, I hold down a full-time day job to bring in extra income until Lach Arts is fully self-supportive.  Sometimes, it becomes painfully obvious which of the two is the referenced “friend” from the above quote.

Utter destruction all around - except for Jason's completely intact pitchers.

Monday began with a bang – almost literally.  I had done a bisque firing Saturday night into Sunday for the upcoming show at Lakeridge Winery.  While much of the United States has been blanketed by snow for the past few weeks, Florida has been dealing with quite a bit of rain and humid air (it just doesn’t get cold enough to freeze into snow here), and nothing was drying.  So, I attempted a slow bisque firing to help dry out the four pieces that had not dried in two weeks.  You may have guessed by now that none of those four survived.  The force of the explosion of one piece actually sent bits of clay into the roof of the kiln.

Yep; not the best way to start the day.  But, oddly enough, I was not angry or frustrated at it.  I was merely amused that my impatient, inner-Aries had taken over against my better judgment and even attempted such a folly – especially for pieces that I really liked but did not really need for the show.  Oh well, I figured I would just make more.

As I went through the rest of my day at my other job, I was repeatedly irritated by trivial things.  Things that should just roll off my back.  Things that would NEVER bother me in the studio.  It was such a stark contrast that I could not ignore it when the quote from above came roaring into my head on my drive home.

So, as I headed into the studio to meticulously clean the kiln, shelves, posts, and surviving pots; I had only to smile at the thought that my friend may have dumped his plate in my lap but all is quickly forgiven, and I cannot wait until I get a chance to remake those pieces and share them with all of you.