The Autumnal Equinox came this week.  The first day of fall!  Usually, the Equinox passes with little fanfare in Florida – a place featuring all of 2 seasons, The Hot Season and the Ridiculously Hot Season – but this year it seems that everyone took notice.  Probably because the humidity was low, the highs were only in the low 90s, and the evenings felt comfortable enough to come outside and enjoy the big Harvest Moon in the sky. 

Since so many of my friends were talking about the change of season, I was thinking of people who actually know what the change of seasons are about – how they look, how they feel.  I joke about the Florida seasons, but those who have lived north of the Florida state border feel and see changes in nature throughout the year that Floridians (especially a third-generation native such as me) do not experience.  

My mother-in-law is one of those people.  Having grown up in Nebraska, she loves the seasons, and decorates her house accordingly each season.  A couple of years ago, during the time that Jason and I were taking a break from really pursuing clay careers, we were trying to come up with Christmas presents for family, and she requested something for candles.  The obvious thought was to make votives, but which of us (Jason or I) should make them?  Jason had just made his first two lanterns just before we took time off from the studio; he was the obvious fit to make a miniature form of his lanterns that would be lit with candles.  However, we thought it might be fun to both make votives.  We both needed to get back in the studio.  Then we touched on the theme for the votives – the Four Seasons.  We were both inspired to make sets with four votives that each represented the different seasons. 

The Four Seasons Votives

The Four Seasons Votive Set

Up to that point, I had been only making barware, but the process of creating the designs for the four seasons, and the simple act of working in clay to make the votives excited me.  I started seeing opportunities for taking my style of design to dinnerware and other housewares in addition to my barware.  The process got me going, and I started getting back in the studio with more regularity.  So now, I celebrate the seasons, even though I might not feel the change in the air or the color on the trees like others I know.  The seasons inspire me and remind me it is time to get back in the studio.

(Looking for a Four Seasons Votive Set of your own?  You can find one on our Etsy site.)