About this time last year, I was speaking with Matt Long – ceramics professor at Ole Miss and friend of Jason and I – about my background in Advertising and Graphic Design.  At the time, I was just creating the line of barware and had not yet moved into making the dinnerware sets that I am so fond of making right now.  He mentioned that he could really see my design background in my pots, and it got me thinking about taking them to the next level – actually putting designs on my pots. 

The shapes I have included on my dinnerware sets for the last year have been, for the most part, non-representational.  But recently, I kept looking at one of my favorite landmarks in the city of St. Petersburg, thinking it would make a beautiful addition to the decoration of my pieces, and this cup is the first piece to carry it.

Now it is your turn.  The first person to correctly identify the landmark which was my inspiration for this design will win the cup.  Leave your guesses in the comments section below!


Kapok tree at The St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts

Update:  Congratulations to Stephanie Schorr who posted her answer on our Facebook fan page and identified my inspiration as the kapok tree at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts!  To the right is a picture of the kapok tree from the Museum’s Facebook fan page.